LIV Better is a fitness program designed to help you

get stronger, move better, & have more confidence.


What is LIV?

LIV is a CrossFit program that focuses on four (IV) factors of fitness: Strength, Endurance, Mobility, and Body Composition. The goal is to get you stronger, better conditioned, and more mobile, while increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat.

It is difficult to improve your fitness and performance without strength. If you’re not strong enough to do various movements and exercises, then everything else will also be limited. Strength is a needed component in health, fitness, & performance. Muscular & cardiovascular endurance are equally important. This involves increasing the amount of work your body can perform by increasing your work capacity.

In turn, it is also challenging to increase your fitness & performance without adequate flexibility & mobility. Being unable to move efficiently and safely, will limit your improvements and potentially lead to injury. Moving better not only makes you a better athlete but it prepares you for life.

Lastly, body composition changes as you exercise consistently and improve your diet. By increasing muscle mass and losing body fat, your body composition changes and you become more muscular.

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About Your Coach

I have a strong passion for self improvement, not only for myself, but for others as well. I have realized that this is my true passion in life. I enjoy inspiring young people to set high goals, make changes, and move towards becoming the best version of themselves. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing people’s personal growth as they reach their full potential. I created LIV with that concept in mind. By joining the LIV program, you make a commitment to getting stronger, moving better, and becoming a better version of yourself. I am excited to join you in this mission and dedicated to guide you through it. It’s time to LIV Better.

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