LIV Better Fitness Online

LIV Better Fitness Online is hosted on BTWB and brings the LIV fitness community together, in person & remotely. Gain access to all programming content on your phone daily. Programming is geared towards youth sports performance but anyone at any age can complete the workouts.

LIV Better Fitness Online includes the following:

  • 3 program variations for all ability levels (Rx, Scaled, Foundations), plus a No Equipment workout each day
  • Detailed warm-ups, strength, metabolic conditioning, skill, and accessory work
  • Ability to log results to monitor progress and see past history
  • Stay engaged and connected to other LIV Better Community members and coach

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After sign up, you will receive instructions to access LIV Better Fitness Online.
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Everything you need is at your fingertips – demo videos, previous scores, workout stats.


Stay connected, even from home. A notification of the WODs in the morning starts your day off right. Workout feeds let you interact with other members.


Easily see your progress. Earn badges, track your fitness level, and get instant feedback on the workouts you log.

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