November 24, 2020 at 10:51AM

😂It is funny how any time we try to eat healthy, people ask “Are you on a diet?”. No, eating healthy is not dieting. The definition of dieting is “to restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.”.

🥑Eating healthy does not necessarily mean to restrict yourself to small amounts of food, or any special kinds of food. Yes, you’ll need to exercise some portion control. Yes, certain foods “should” be off limits, or at least eaten less often than others. However, if you’re eating there right foods (healthy ones), you should be able to eat plenty enough to feel full. It should not feel like a restriction or a diet.

The best way that I’ve heard to understand what constitutes healthy food came from a a podcast I listened to by Ben Bergeron. He said, “If it had eyes or came from the ground, you can/should eat it.”. 🍎🥩This is so simple yet so great. Eat REAL FOODS. Meats, vegetables, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. This typically includes foods around the outside of the grocery store and have a limited shelf life. Those in the middle aisles with infinite shelf lives, are processed and not real, natural food. So…avoid them as much as possible.

💯Have on hand, easy, healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. This way when you have a craving for a snack, you’ll choose one of these rather than something else. If it is difficult to follow, or takes too much time, you’re likely going to resort to old habits when the going gets tough (or you run short on time). Plan ahead and make wholesome meals with leftovers. Package them up so their ready for the next couple of days. Then your meals are already planned out and ready for you.

👌That’s how simple it is. It is not easy. That is for sure. Especially, in today’s society of quick fixes, tasty snacks, and fast food (literally). So if you want real results, you need a real change in lifestyle. Diets are not the answer.

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