Did You Know?

Prevalence of chronic shoulder pain reaches a peak of 50% in 55-64 year olds. Even in 18-24 year olds, shoulder pain is prevalent in almost 25% of this population.
It typically impacts women more and those with sedentary jobs. It is one of the most common musculoskeletal problems seen in workers. There are even a number of psychosocial variables correlated to shoulder pain including high mental demand, low job satisfaction, and poor social support.
If you think about it, this all makes sense. How many of us truly work on any shoulder or overhead mobility? We sit in front of computers all day hunched over. How many times in a given week would you say you even reach overhead?
I’ll have a follow up post about some handstand push-ups, to help incorporate some functional movement.LIV bridges the gap in mind and body, optimizing health, fitness, & performance, leading to improved confidence & mental fortitude. 🧠💪

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