New LIV Programs

In addition to LIV 4, my remote training program, I am launching several new programs this month. These are currently all “in person” training programs but remote options could be made available if there is interest. The new programs include Sports Performance as well as LIV Mom Strong and LIV Dad Strong.

The sports performance is geared towards student-athletes looking to improve the mental and physical game. LIV’s overarching focus is always on bridging the gap in mind and body to improve performance. It is no different in athlete development and that is what separates LIV from other programs. It is not only about physical improvement but also mental gain. The mental side of athletics is too often overlooked and what separates the good from the great.

The LIV Mom Strong and Dad Strong options are primarily for those in the adult world. It’s focus again on the mind and the body and strives for improved physical fitness, more energy, and enhanced mental & emotional clarity. In addition, you’ll gain the community and camaraderie of others in the programs. This will be a positive outlet in your life and support you in your efforts to become a better you. You do not have to be a mom or dad to join.

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