Are you too busy?

In today’s world it is becoming more and more evident that we are too busy. There is not necessarily anything wrong with being busy. However, the real question we must ask is, “Too busy doing what?”. What are we too busy doing? If each of us made an honest reflection of all of the things that we are doing in our lives, we may likely find that we are too busy doing nothing. You may be wondering, “How can I be busy doing things but be doing nothing?”. Well, what I mean by that is the things that take up the majority of our day are the things that probably matter the least. 

We are in such a hurry living life that we forget what life is truly about. Each day we rush to get out the door, get the kids to school or daycare, and hustle off to work. During the workday we continue to charge through to get all of the required tasks done before the day ends. Then we press on to run errands or get the kids to after school activities. Finally, we arrive home and maybe get a home cooked meal in, watch some tv, and then it’s time to get everyone ready for bed. All so that we can repeat the process all over again. 

This may mimic your day exactly but many of us in our current society are merely surviving the constant drudgery of our daily life. We have allowed the hustle and bustle of life to just project us forward into this momentum of simply living and making it to the next day. We are not thriving, creating, improving, or becoming the best-version-of-ourselves. We are stuck in the autopilot and possibly even moving towards lesser-versions-of-ourselves. I refuse to accept that this is how life was meant to be lived.

Today, as humans, we have more of everything than we could every imagine and ever had before. More technology and lightning fast phones and computers. Bigger, faster, and more expensive cars. Insanely large and more elaborate houses. Some have more money than they know what to do with. Our kids have innumerable toys, gadgets, electronics, clothes, shoes, etc., many of which they don’t even remember they own. We can get from one side of the country to another faster than every before. So answer this question, “If everything is bigger, faster, and smarter than any point in history, then how is that we have less time?”. This paradox is becoming the plague of our generation.

Our generation can get things faster than any other time in history. We can literally get any information or knowledge that we want at the touch of a button. We can have food, clothes, supplies, and anything that we can imagine shipped directly to our doorstep that very day. People are able to communicate with one another, no matter the location or time, instantly via infinite modes (text, email, voice, video, etc.). Then how is it that we have less time, feel less connected, struggle to make decisions, have difficulty learning, and are more stressed than ever before?

I believe we spend so much time living life that have forgotten the privilege of being alive. Life is a privilege and a precious one at that. We only get one of them. There are no redos, no take backs, no refunds, or second chances on life. Yes, there are certain tasks and things that one must undergo in today’s world. But this doesn’t mean that we are to forget our fundamental and legitimate needs. These needs are the most important and must be fulfilled each day. If not, we become a victim of our circumstances and life takes on its own momentum. We are not living the life we were meant to live. We are then simply existing in a world that is now our own.

After reading the book, “The Rhythm of Life, by Matthew Kelly (which is a book I highly recommend), I have come to understand and agree with four legitimate needs in life, which he references: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. In the Hammer Lifestyle, we have taken these needs and broken them up in to essential parts that each of us can and should engage in. Each day you must focus on your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs. Without meeting these needs regularly, you will fall into a life of desperation, depression, and anxiety. Trust me, I know this first hand as it just recently happened to me. Bare with me a little longer as I question you on each of these fundamental needs. Think about your own life over the past week or month and honestly reflect on whether you are meeting your legitimate needs.


  • When was the last time that you exercised? Even simply going for a walk or light jog?
  • Do you consciously think about nutrition when planing meals? Do you eat fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods?
  • How much do you sleep each night? Is it continuous or broken?


  • How often do you spend time focusing on your own self care? Doing things that you know make you happy? Working to ensure your self esteem/confidence is healthy? 
  • Do you consciously work on your relationships and strive to build healthy ones? 
  • When was the last time you spent time with just you and a significant other or good friend?
  • Are you able to sit in the present and not worry or think about future tasks or events?


  • When was the last time that you read a good book? How about a self help book or one on philosophy?
  • Do you journal or write regularly for any purpose other than work? 
  • Do you look for new things to learn or research your interests in an effort to gain more knowledge?
  • When was the last time that you took a class or went to an event to learn or gain knowledge?


  • Do you ever just sit in the classroom of silence and do nothing? Just be still and silent?
  • Have you read any of the books of religion, regardless of faith, just to learn and understand other cultures?
  • Do you have an abundance of something that you know you should get rid of but refuse? Clothes? Shoes? DVD’s?
  • When was the last time that you purposefully attempted to simplify your life in some aspect?

Now these questions are by no means all encompassing but they do give you a good starting place at investigating your life. Think about where you fall on the spectrum of healthy to unhealthy in each of these areas. You may actually be strong in some but it is unlikely that you are in all of them. Identify the parts of your life that may need changing and begin working towards that change today. Write it down to hold yourself accountable. Tell a friend or loved one of your intentions to change. Or if you need more accountability, join our 4-week program in the Hammer Lifestyle, and we will insure that you meet your goals. 

I hope that something that I wrote resonated with at least one reader. Take what you will from it but continue striving to improve and get better. After all, it is the journey that is most important as, like I said previously, we only get one.

If you’re interested in changing your life and becoming the best version of yourself, take the time to fill out this survey.

Get Better. Be Better.


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